Product Engineering, Design For Manufacturing, Process Engineering, and Equipment Design

Whether you are developing a new product, refining your manufacturing processes to make your product more profitable, or preparing your product for manufacturing, we can help you because we have done it before. We apply decades of combined experience to find the best solution to your new product design, mechanism design, process engineering, equipment development, Design For Manufacturing, and cost control challenges.

SGW Designworks has developed a strong presence locally in Idaho, but works with clients nationwide and overseas.

Clients of SGW Designworks all have one thing in common: they have a technical challenge that is holding their business back. The projects we complete for these clients fall into one of three categories:


     Product Engineering, Product Prototypes

    Is your business ready to turn a great idea into a tangible new product, reduce the cost of an existing product, or produce the first prototype of something completely new? Let us provide product engineering services and product prototypes. We can develop a new design for you from scratch.

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     Process Engineering & Equipment Design

     Would you like to increase the profitability or efficiency of your existing manufacturing processes? Are you ready to explore a new manufacturing process design? We are able to design equipment and processes for, or optimize your existing manufacturing capabilities.

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    Design For Manufacturing

    The manufacturing processes used to produce a given product at a given volume can have serious implications on product design. Did you know that even minor changes to your product design can align it with a manufacturing process, resulting in higher throughput and lower production cost? Through a process called Design For Manufacturing, or DFM, we are able to review the design of you product, analyze it for the manufacturing processes best suited for your production volumes, and optimize the design to maximize manufacturing efficiency.

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  • Product Design Services:
  • > Develop design for new products
  • > Produce prototypes of your product or system
  • > Identify cost effective manufacturing options
  • > Mechanism Design and Engineering
  • > Product design review and analysis
  • > Design and deliver prototypes of your idea
  • > Design for Manufacturing
  • > Failure modes and effects analysis
  • Manufacturing Engineering Services:
  • > Plant layout and process engineering
  • > Identify cost effective manufacturing options
  • > Design custom machinery / mechanism design
  • > Fabricate and de-bug custom equipment
  • > Identify potential failure modes of equipment
  • > Reduce your manufacturing costs
  • > Reduce waste in your production processes
  • > Integrate robotics into your systems


Why choose us?

  • Just because we are engineers doesn't mean

    Creative solutions.

    At SGW Designworks, we don't let convention and habit get in the way of effective design. We use the best of  traditional and non-traditional approaches to solve your technical problems.

  • Product Development Process Experience


    Innovative products, efficient manufacturing, and insightful planning lead to a successful business. We can help your business with all three of these critical elements and more.

  • Integrity.

    Our goal is to help businesses and individuals realize the full potential of their ideas. We earn the trust of our clients with frank discussions about the tough issues.

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Latest news


    April 14, 2014

    SGW Designworks begins design and development of another new product in collaboration with Portsmith Technologies


    April 2, 2014, 2014

    predictive analysisSGW Designworks begins predictive analysis and FEA for a cast-metal product used in architectural applications.


    March 1, 2014

    SGW Designworks Engineering Services, Staff AugmentaitonSGW Designworks wraps up a development and prototyping project for military off road vehicle accessories.


    Feb 28, 2014

    prototypes for television ads and cinemaSGW Designworks starts extremely rapid prototype development cycle of a new product for use in an upcoming television advertisement.


    Jan 10, 2014

    SGW Designworks client project on Kickstarter and TechCrunchSGW Designworks begins design refinement and DFM of the the AUUG, by Triplethink USA. Initial production units to ship in April.


    Dec 31, 2013

    SGW Designwokes Engineering Services "SGW Designworks Engineering Services" launches to meet the longer term engineering and R&D needs of large businesses.