Hardware Design

Firmware Development

Software Development

Embedded Systems Development

Devices and products of all types are getting smarter. Successful implementation of smart technology requires a thorough understanding of intended use case, leading to hardware and architecture options and definition of the development path. Our embedded systems development team is able to turn your IoT concept into a real, functioning prototype, applying expertise in power management, embedded firmware design, advanced sensors, and communication protocols.

Embedded Firmware Development

World-class firmware development and architecture capabilities are the cornerstone of our embedded systems development offering. The team has a proven track record of success in everything from turnkey wearable tech for startups to complex industrial firmware for fortune 500 companies. The firmware team is able to work in a multitude of programming languages, in Windows or Linux based development environments.

PCBA Development

From concept through bread-board, prototyping, and to final design, our PCBA development capabilities are driven by insight gained from decades of experience. Our embedded systems development team will not only identify possible board and component layouts that work now, but that minimize power consumption, and include components compatible with target production volumes. Our team frequently develops using processors from Texas Instruments and Microchip, but can use any other platform.

IoT Engineering, Smart Devices

Where does the data from your smart device go? Usually to the cloud. Our embedded systems development team is capable of not only building communication capabilities into your device, but also building your cloud / web based interface and data management system. Our engineers can help you choose the right cloud strategy, depending on your budget, data needs, and use cases. Our developers are credentialed in Amazon Web Services connectivity, but can develop for other services as well.

SGW Development Platform

To help meet client needs SGW Designworks has developed a modular development platform. The platform consists of multiple modules, each with specific capabilities that we commonly design into products.

The development platform is ideal to quickly taking a product from concept through prototype. Custom PCA’s are then developed in later stages to optimize for size, production volume, and functionality.